Home Law & Crime California Grapples with Reparations in the Grip of a Historic Deficit

California Grapples with Reparations in the Grip of a Historic Deficit

by Sonia Park
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California Lawmakers Dealing With Reparations - And $68 Billion Deficit

Can Hope Triumph Over Numbers?

In the California statehouse, echoes of historical wrongs intertwine with the harsh realities of fiscal constraints. While reparations for slavery descendants hold the promise of long-delayed justice, a yawning $68 billion budget deficit casts a long shadow over this momentous conversation. With primaries looming and political messaging in full swing, California lawmakers find themselves at a crossroads.

Governor Newsom, once a vocal proponent of reparations, has adopted a more muted stance lately, navigating the sensitive waters of political feasibility amidst economic strain. Meanwhile, 115 policy proposals lie on the table, each carrying. . .

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