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Groundbreaking Vaccine Developed to Combat “Zombie” Drug Overdoses

by Sonia Park
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Groundbreaking Vaccine Developed to Combat "Zombie" Drug Overdoses

In a significant stride towards addressing drug overdoses involving "zombie" drugs, researchers in California have developed a groundbreaking vaccine. This vaccine aims to mitigate the effects of xylazine, a potent animal tranquilizer commonly mixed with opioids like fentanyl and heroin.

The drug, known colloquially as "tranq" or "zombie drug," has been a growing concern due to its lethal combination with opioids, leading to a spike in drug-related fatalities. The vaccine's development marks a crucial breakthrough in combating this alarming trend.

There could soon be a vaccine to help prevent drug overdoses. Lucinda Kay reports.

Researchers at. . .

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