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Legal battles escalate as court rulings pause emergency abortions, challenging restrictive state bans, impacting women’s health rights and igniting a fierce debate nationwide


STAFF PICK: "Clip of the week" - w/ @MatthewPHoh & @raymcgovern "Voices that Defied Power: An Examination of Historical Whistleblowers" Our exploration begins with Daniel Ellsberg, an American activist and former United States military analyst. Ellsberg gained worldwide attention when he released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Pentagon study that revealed the US government's decision-making process during the Vietnam War. This act of defiance, which risked his personal freedom, has been hailed as a milestone in history, and Ellsberg's call to current government officials to expose wrongdoing before it's too late continues to resonate in the modern political climate. The episode then shifts focus to Catherine Gunn, a former British intelligence officer who leaked top-secret information about the US and UK's questionable tactics ahead of the Iraq invasion. Gunn's actions underline the importance of truth-tellers in society, an importance that is echoed in recent dissenting voices within the State Department and the White House. Our analysis continues with a deep dive into the current political climate surrounding Ukraine and Gaza. The contentious nature of these geopolitical issues brings to light brave individuals like Josh Paul, a group of White House interns who have voiced their opposition to certain policies, and our friend and colleague @RayMcGovern silent protest directed @HillaryClinton that resulted in a BOLO!Their actions demonstrate the power of individual voices in shaping political discourse and policy-making. Watch the Full Special Episode of the Judge's INTEL-Roundtable Here: youtube.com/watch?v=xlkaqbMmvUU #Ellsberg #whistleblowers #transparency #truth to power #Israel #Gaza #ceasefire #hostages #Ukraine #zelenskyy #Biden #china #IsraelPalestine #MiddleEastConflict #PeaceInTheMiddleEast #GazaUnderAttack #Ceasefire #Jerusalem #prayforpeace #hostages #Ukraine #Russia #congres ... See MoreSee Less
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