Home Law & Crime Huntington Beach Mayor Responds to AG Bonta’s Voter ID Lawsuit

Huntington Beach Mayor Responds to AG Bonta’s Voter ID Lawsuit

by Sonia Park
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Huntington Beach Mayor Responds to AG Bonta's Voter ID Lawsuit

Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark of Huntington Beach has issued a robust response to Attorney General Rob Bonta's lawsuit regarding the city's voter identification laws. The lawsuit, initiated by Bonta, targets Huntington Beach's charter city status and its requirement for voters to show identification when casting their ballots.

Mayor Van Der Mark has characterized the lawsuit as a political move by Attorney General Bonta, indicating a personal vendetta against Huntington Beach, often referred to as Surf City. She highlighted that as a charter city with approval from Orange County, Huntington Beach has the legal authority to implement. . .

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