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America’s Role in International Disputes: Russia-Ukraine and China w/ #rfkjr

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RFKJR- “The wholesale killings of ethnic Russians…. by the Ukrainian Gov. that the American government put in power SHOULD STOP.”

How is this different? #Israel

What’s at stake for America in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict? Does the US have a clear exit strategy, or are we just pouring resources into a geopolitical tussle with no end in sight? In this electrifying conversation, our guest – a distinguished political commentator – probes these questions. He questions America’s interest in this border dispute, critiquing the current administration’s absence of an exit plan despite massive financial involvement. The discussion also veers into the contentious issue of alleged ethnic Russian massacres by the Ukrainian government, underscoring the urgent need for peace talks.

Shifting gears to the East, we scrutinize China’s role on the global stage – ally or adversary? Our guest is undaunted by the prospect of economic competition with China, viewing it as beneficial for both nations and the world. However, he warns against military confrontations, arguing that they’re detrimental to American interests and national security. The conversation wraps up with a stern warning against a World War III scenario, asserting that it’s not conducive to American safety. Tune in for a compelling, thought-provoking inspection of these critical global issues.

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