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Anya Parampil: Where Are the Nazis Today?

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A revealing and thought-provoking conversation with investigative journalist Anya Parampil as she tackles the critical question: “Where Are the Nazis Today?” Anya, known for her incisive reporting and fearless approach to controversial topics, delves into the presence and influence of neo-Nazi movements and ideologies in contemporary society.

In this video, Anya explores the historical roots of these groups, their evolution over time, and how they manifest in different parts of the world today. She examines their impact on politics, social movements, and global security, providing a comprehensive analysis of the modern-day implications of these extremist ideologies.

Whether you’re a student of history, a follower of current events, or someone deeply concerned about the rise of extremist groups, this conversation with Anya Parampil offers crucial insights and a call to awareness about a pressing issue in our world.

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