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New York judge rules against former president Trump in fraud case

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This morning, a big win for New York Attorney General Letitia James in her investigation into the Trump Organization. After a judge ruled the ex -president and his company committed fraud by overstating the value of their assets by as much as $2 .2 billion more than the actual amount.
The fraud was so overwhelming and conclusive, the judge decided there was no need to hear testimony at a trial set to start next month. The judge agreeing with James, saying Trump inflated the value of his Fifth Avenue apartment by as much as $200 million,
claiming it was triple its actual size. The judge also striking Trump’s claim that Mar -a -Lago was worth up to $600 million when it’s assessed at no more than $27 million.
The judge also saying the defendant lives in a fantasy world and that these fraudulent valuations were meant to reap the benefits of better loan and insurance terms. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen reacting on CNN.
Judge Engoron really had enough. He had enough. I mean, some of the language that was used in this 35 -page decision demonstrates exactly this point,
that he just had enough of the games and he was not going to allow Donald’s delay tactics to continue. Overnight, the GOP presidential front -runner attacked the decision as political,
claiming his civil rights have been violated. Next, the judge will decide how much Trump will pay in penalties at trials starting October 2. The way to get to Donald Trump is always via the pocketbook.
The Attorney General asking for at least $250 million, saying we look forward to presenting the rest of our case.

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