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Alastair Crooke fmr British Diplomat Unmasking Hamas Headquarters: The Unspoken Truth

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Unpack the truth surrounding the Israeli Defense Forces’ claims about the Hamas headquarters in Gaza. Our expert guest dissects the misinformation and gives an eye-opening perspective on the reality of where the headquarters are located. This episode conjures a similar incident in 2006, where false intelligence led to misconceptions about the whereabouts of Hassan Nasrallah’s command center in Beirut. Prepare for an enlightening discussion on how such false narratives are often disseminated, with a revealing example involving the recruitment of the Philippines in Lebanon by the Israelis.

Brace yourself for the second part of our conversation where we scrutinize the devastating aftermath of these military strikes on innocent civilians. We share heartbreaking stories of premature babies’ emergency evacuation to Egypt, the death of hundreds of sick people unrelated to the war, and the tragic toll on children’s lives. This episode is not just about the conflict, but also the collapse of morality and values in its wake. Moreover, we explore the damaging effects this has on Middle East diplomacy, particularly on the efforts put forth by the U.S over the last two decades. Our guest paints a chilling picture of the escalating resentment towards the West. Tune in for this powerful and enlightening conversation.

Watch Full Episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBqEgWP2S9M


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