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“Everything Depends on what Egypt told the Isreal” w/ #Mearsheimer

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Was Isreal warned in advance of the #hamasattack ?

Your intelligence might be saying one thing, Chairman, John Kirby might be holding cards close to his vest, his and at the White House as another. Who’s right? – Well,
we do know the Egyptian intelligence did refer this to Israel. And I can’t get into any more depth. – Well, he must have been the recipient as the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of some intelligence briefing.
And then he publicly revealed some of what he learned, put aside whether that’s a breach or not. But if the Egyptians told the Israelis, did the Israelis ignore it?
– Well, everything depends on what the Egyptians told the Israelis. Did they tell them that it was gonna happen in a few days time?
Or did they tell them that over the next month or so, there may be an attack? That’s one big issue. The more important issue, which gets back to my earlier set of comments is, did the Egyptians tell them what the scope and size and magnitude of this operation would be?
Did they tell them that this was going to be an unprecedented attack that was gonna have devastating consequences for Israel? I don’t think, I bet a lot of money that they never said that.
And if they had said that, then the Israelis would have paid serious attention. – Thank you. – But just telling the Israelis that Hamas is going to attack is not that big a deal because what the Israelis are going to expect is a few rockets and maybe a few individuals trying to breach the friends.
And their view is they can deal with that. What they couldn’t deal with was this clever strategy that they just didn’t anticipate and nobody else anticipated. And I would bet that includes the Egyptians.

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