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Max Blumenthal #TheGrayZone: Do you ever wonder what’s really driving the Israel-Hamas conflict?

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How do key players like @POTUS, Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Erdogan, President Al-Sisi, and the King of Jordan shape the course and outcome of this ongoing feud?

In our conversation with @TheGrayzoneNews editor and founder @MaxBlumenthal, we pull back the curtain to explore the international and regional pressures that may influence the future course of this conflict, offering you a deep understanding of the geopolitics at play.

We navigate through the roles and stances of regional actors, providing an insightful analysis of Erdogan’s fiery rhetoric, his political base, and Turkey’s controversial support of Israel’s war effort.

We also unravel the paradox of Al-Sisi’s stance, shedding light on his complex geopolitical chess moves.

Join us as we critically evaluate President Biden’s policy in the situation and discuss the internal pressures faced by Israel’s leaders. This conversation will offer you a unique perspective on how these dynamics could potentially lead to a resumption of hostilities, an insight you can’t afford to miss.

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