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Col Douglas Macgregor: Understanding the Ethics of US Involvement in the Israeli Conflict

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What if President Joe Biden pulled out US forces from Israel? What could be the reverberations of such a consequential decision? We ponder over these perplexing questions in a hard-hitting discussion with a seasoned military expert who suggests that the US needs to assert its moral obligations to protect not just Israelis, but also Arabs, Muslims, and Christians caught in the crossfire. His views present an intriguing perspective on the role of the US administration in this pressing matter, challenging us to consider the human cost of this ongoing conflict.

As we shift gears in the second part of our episode, we wrestle with the legal implications of the conflict. We explore the contentious issue: Could the American administration be held liable for war crimes due to its support of the Israeli military’s actions? Our discussion ventures into the legal territories of the UN Charter and Geneva Conventions, and the restrictions they place on military actions. However, our guest argues that such a legal action is unlikely, but brings us face-to-face with the moral implications of losing the high ground in conflicts. This episode promises to provoke thought, challenge your understanding, and leave you reflecting on this critical international issue.


Watch Full Video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/Epqe0DrsLc4

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