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Prof Jeffrey Sachs: An In-Depth Analysis of Words and War

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The Israel-Palestine conflict is a complex and controversial topic that has raged for decades. The debate around it often boils down to the language used, particularly the term ‘ #genocide ‘. We unravel this explosive debate after watching Admiral Kirby’s recent remarks on the use of the word. #JohnKirby strongly claims that while civilian casualties in #Gaza are heartbreakingly high, #Israel’s actions cannot be classified as genocide, but rather as self-defense against what he describes as a genocidal terrorist threat in #Hamas

However, we don’t let the conversation stop there. We also consider opposing viewpoints, particularly those suggesting that Israel’s intentions might indeed revolve around wiping out the #Palestinian population. This aspect is backed by incendiary statements from the #Israeli government and defense forces, leading to a lawsuit by the Center for Constitutional Studies. We take you through the evidence, the arguments, and the potential repercussions of such a hotly contested issue. Join us for this candid, in-depth look at one of the most contentious discourses of our time. #JudgingFreedom


Watch Full Episode Here: https://www.youtube.com/live/MnO2lLKqMj4

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