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Undercurrents of Propaganda in American Domestic Politics: w/Matt Hoh

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Has American domestic politics been swayed by the influence of a religious community, resulting in a twisted propaganda campaign? We dive into this murky territory with our guest, Matthew Hoh, former USMC Captain in this episode, who provides a unique perspective on these complicated situations. We start by shedding light on the largely forgotten Ukrainian crisis and how the White House seems to be breathing a sigh of relief as it slides out of the media’s focus. Together, we examine the reports of the US discussing peace plans with allies, subtly aiming to put the Ukrainian issue to rest, while unmasking the ideological pursuits influencing these actions.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as we shift toward the Israel-Hamas conflict and the substantial propaganda campaign that looms on both sides. Our guest offers an eye-opening view on how media bias has swelled to an overwhelming scale, as illustrated by a revealing statistical analysis. We challenge the spun narrative of the conflict that paints the White House as the savior of our era. Join us, as we chart a path through these intricate geopolitical issues, offering a fresh perspective to better understand the world we live in.

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